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About us

Chris Buckley, owner of Torana Carpets Beijing and the Tibet Tanva Weaving workshop, Lhasa Norbu Tsering, Partner in the Tanva Weaving workshop, Tibet

Chris Buckley is an Oxford science graduate and PhD, who has lived and worked in Asia since 1994. He worked as a product development specialist for a multinational company before leaving to pursue a new career in handmade textiles and Tibetan crafts. Chris lives in Beijing but is a frequent visitor to Lhasa.

Chris founded the Torana Carpet retailing company in 2000 and co-founded the Tibet Tanva weaving company in 2006 to make handmade rugs in Lhasa. His contributions to Tanva include design and color.

He is the author of the book "Tibetan Furniture" published by Thames and Hudson in 2005, as well as many papers and articles on Tibetan art and craft topics

Norbu Tsering was born in a Tibetan family, spending his early years in Nepal and India. As a child he remembers both his mother and grandmother weaving carpets at home. He is a graduate in Commerce from the University of Delhi, and a co-founder and General Manager of the Tibet Tanva Weaving Company in Lhasa.

Norbu has extensive experience with Tibetan handmade carpets, which he has put to use creating the Tanva workshop and training its young workforce.

Norbu speaks English, Nepal and Tibetan and is learning Chinese, working in the multilingual Lhasa environment. He is usually on-hand at the Tanva workshop to greet visitors.

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