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Tiger, snow leopard, dragon and phoenix designs

1) contemporary tibetan area rugs

These designs are traditional Tibetan ones, but they look great as contemporary area carpets in any size (take a look at this example). The pelt designs below are ones we most often use for custom area rugs.

tibetan tiger rug

classic tiger pelt rug ML107

tibetan snow leopard rug

snow leopard rug


2) traditional Tibetan rugs for collectors and for homes

The carpets below are a few of our reproductions of classic Tibetan designs: most are smaller rugs. Some are made with a traditional handspun wool warp and weft.

dragon pillar rug

dragon pillar rug DC07

tibetan phoenix garden rug

phoenix garden rug design DP7

tibetan flying dragon and phoenix carpet

dragon and flying phoenix DP5

tibetan dragon rug design

17th century dragon DP1

abstract tiger rug design

abstract tiger

tibetan tiger pelt rug

whole pelt tiger