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Torana Tibetan Colorshade Rugs recieve design award from Elle Decoration Magazine

Torana Tibetan Rugs receives design award from Elle Decoration magazine

We were thrilled to receive a design award from Elle Decoration magazine in September 2011 for our colorshade rug range.

These rugs from our own Tibetan workshop were designed by Torana owner Chris Buckley: they shade imperceptibly from intense deep shades at the edges to brilliant hues at the center. These weavings make use of our own custom colors and traditional Tibetan hand-dyeing in small batches, combined with a special weaving technique that is unique to the Tibetan plateau to create modern masterpieces. These rugs are customizable in any size. They were shown at Elle Decoration's exhibit in the 798 district during October 2011, and they can now be seen at Torana's store in Beijing.



Torana Tibetan colorshade rug: gold

Tibetan hand-dyed colorshade rug from Torana, Aqua colorway, 5ftx7ft size


shown here as a runner 3ft x 8ft (0.9m x 2.4m)


shown here in 5ft x 7ft (1.5m x 2.1m)

Torana Tibetan colorshade rug, spice colorway, 5ftx7ft size
Torana Colorshade rug Tibetan red


shown here in 5ft x 7ft (1.5m x 2.1m)

Tibetan Red

shown here in 6ft x 8.5ft (1.8m x 2.5m)