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Tibetan Tiger Rugs

Torana Tibetan tiger rug with contemporary colors

Tiger and Snow Leopard rugs are more than just traditional designs: they make great area rug patterns too

We have many tiger and leopard spot designs in our repertoire, but we show here two of our favorites, naturalistic pelt designs that adapt well to area rugs of any shape (and color!).

At left: Tiger rug in amber colorway in a Beijing apartment. On the seat are two small meditation carpets with dorje designs.

custom Tibetan rug with snow leopard design, by Torana carpets


Tiger rugs were originally woven in Tibet as subsitutes for the tiger pelts that were used for meditation and as symbols of authority in Tibetan monasteries. Over time the tiger rug has become a significant Tibetan art form, with designs spanning the range from realistic to abstract.

At left; a leopard spot rug fora Beijing apartment in custom colors.

Tibetan carpet with naturalistic tiger pelt design, by Torana

Tibetan Tiger pattern rug

This is a classic naturalistic tiger pelt design, originally woven by Tibetans as a substitute for real tiger pelts.

Available in all standard sizes, plus custom sizes and custom colors.

Torana Tibetan tiger rug in amber colorway

Torana Tibetan tiger rug: amber colorway

The amber version of this popular design. Available in all sizes and fully customizable.

Tibetan tiger rug with whole pelt design from Torana Tibetan carpets

A Traditional Tibetan tiger rug with a whole pelt design

This rug is based on a 19th century Tibetan tiger rug that we sold a few years back: it is one of our favorite designs so we are now weaving new rugs with this design. The size is typical for a Tibetan "khaden", about 3ft x 6ft (0.9m x 1.8m).

leopard spot design Tibetan rug by Torana

Tibetan Snow Leopard pattern rug

The snow leopard is a rare animal that is still found in some parts of the Himalayas. Old rugs based on leopard spot pelts are much rarer than their tiger counterparts, but much in vogue today as decorative area rug designs.

Available in all standard sizes, plus custom sizes and custom colors.