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Living Hands: Tibetan Arts and Artisans

Living Hands Tibetan Arts and Artisans, book on Tibetan weaving and handicrafts

"Living Hands is the first book that treats Tibetan art and craft as a living subject"

"This unique volume portrays weavers, dyers, metalworkers, thangka painters, mask makers, sculptors and carpenters and their crafts, in Tibet and Nepal. It is an outstanding introduction to Tibetan art and craft, as well as proof of the vitality of Tibetan traditions today."

By Chris Buckley, photographs by the author and Mimi Kuo.

100 pages, 131 color photographs, 8.5" x 11" (21cm x 28cm). Torana Publications, Hong Kong, 2011.

Price: 200RMB/ 250Hong Kong Dollars/ 30 US Dollars /25 Euros/ 20 Pounds Sterling

This book started life as a project to photograph Tibetan artisans in and around Lhasa in 2004 and 2005. The catalogue from Mimi Kuo's exhibition at Torana Gallery was so successful in its own right that we decided to expand on it and make a book out of it. More photographs of artisans have been added, as well as photographs of Tibetan arts old and new, and this volume now covers most of the traditional arts that can be found in Lhasa and Nepal. It makes a great companion to a visit to Tibet or Nepal, and we hope that it will also stimulate interest in contemporary Tibetan crafts.

Currently this book is only available direct from Torana, but we hope to have it available on Amazon soon. If you are in Beijing you can get copies at the Torana Gallery in Europlaza. For those further afield please write to Postage is free to most destinations.

Sample pages from Living Hands

pages on traditional Tibetan textiles from Living Hands Tibetan Arts and Artisans
pages on madder dyeing in Tibet from Living Hands
traditional metalworking in Tibet from Living Hands


Tibetan jewelry in Living Hands book