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Living Hands Tibetan Arts and Artisans book by Chris Buckley

New book on Tibetan Arts and Artisans by Chris Buckley

hand dyed colorshade Tibetan rug

Elle Decoration Magazine Design Award for Torana Colorshade Rugs

Torana Tibetan Carpets and Tibetan Rugs, Beijing and Lhasa: handmade rugs from our workshop in Tibet, antique carpets and more.

MingLotus rug design by Torana

That's all folks!

We have been designing and making handmade rugs in Tibet since 2001 and we've had a great deal of fun doing it, but now we have ended our rug production and retailing activities. In recent years it has become difficult to find enough skilled weavers in Lhasa to meet our needs: we considered shifting production to Nepal but eventually decided against this because of the complexities involved.

As many Beijingers already know, we have another business in the city selling air purifiers This continues at our stores in Europlaza and Central Park. It's not quite as glamorous as handmade rugs, but if you live here you will appreciate the need.

Thanks to all who have supported our rug-related efforts over the years (hold on to that Torana rug, it will be a collector's item one day), and we hope you will stick around and visit our air purifier stores.

On a personal level I maintain a strong interest in traditional textiles, particularly from Tibet, Southwest China including Hainan Island, and Southeast Asia, though I have shifted to field-based research rather than producing myself. As a by-product of my travels there are textiles for sale on my website and you are welcome to contact me if you have interest in this area. Over the next few months I will be adding some antique Tibetan rugs and old tribal rugs from northwestern China to this site ... but bear with me since the photography takes time!

Chris Buckley/ November 2012.